Why can't I participate

Please ensure that you have enough BNB and SFO in your wallet, and the minimum participation amount per round is 100 SFO.

Is there a time limit for collecting SFO

You can collect SFO anytime

How is the dividend calculated?

  • The payout ratio of the UP pool = the total value of the two pools / the value of the UP pool

  • The dividend payout ratio of the DOWN pool = the total value of the two pools / the value of the DOWN pool

For example, if a round has 10 BNB on the DOWN side and 90 BNB on the UP side, the two pools have a total of 100BNB, and the DOWN pool payout ratio (100/10) = 10X

  • Payout Amount = Payout Ratio * Position * (1 - Funding Fee)

In the above case, if the round ends with a DOWN result, if you put 2BNB into a DOWN position, you will get 10 * 2 * (1-0.03) = 19.4 BNB and your profit will be 17.4 BNB (19.4-2)

Funding fees are currently 3%, this is subject to change.

What to use to provide price information?

Use chainlink oracles to get price information

  • The locked price and end price of each round of users are updated every 20s.

  • The prediction contract uses the ChainLink Oracle price feedback to set the price at which the user wins.

Why did the round result change after the round ended?

Occasionally, after a round is over, the final result may differ from what was displayed while the round was in progress. For example, DOWN is always displayed when it is in progress, but it may end and turn to UP after a few seconds. This is because we employ ChainLink Oracle price feedback to determine the final outcome of the round. The time interval between the end of one round and the start of the next round is 30s, but the oracle is refreshed every 20s. During this brief time, the oracle may send an update while the transaction that triggers the next round is being generated, which may be different from the price at the time of execution.

What happens if no one goes to the opposite location?

If only one party in a round has a position, that party loses, and the lost funds will go into the treasury. For example: User A goes to the UP position and no one else goes to the DOWN position. User A loses, and there is no opposing position to pay the bonus, after the money rate is drawn.

What if the lock-in price and the close price were safely the same?

In very rare cases, the locked price is exactly the same as the closing price, and no one wins. Except for the drawn fund rate into the fund pool, the rest of the users can collect normally.

What a market suspension means?

The market pauses when there are conditions that affect the reliability of the contract. A market suspension means that no bets will be placed on any round.

What could cause prediction markets to pause?

The prediction market will be suspended when:

  • Since the oracle had not published the price at the end of the round, the prediction contract could not get the price from the ChainLink oracle.

  • Since the transaction stays in the mempool for more than 15 blocks, the operation cannot be performed because of the prediction contract.

When will the market resume after a pause?

The administrator manually restores the marketplace.

What happens to my position if the market pauses?

If the market pauses while you have a live position, your funds will be recovered in the same way you would normally receive your bonus.

Why can't I see my collection records in my wallet?

When you collect BNB, they may not show up in the transaction log as usual. This is because they use a different type of transaction: insider transactions. Enter your wallet address on BscScan and check the "Internal Txns" tab to confirm they have arrived.

Why is my turn not showing results?

Why is my round not showing the result a buffer of 15 blocks per round, which can cause up to 45s of delay after the round ends. This buffer is because various blockchain factors affect the speed at which transactions are confirmed in the network.

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